MELISSA A. FABELLO is a body acceptance activist, sexuality scholar, and patriarchy smasher living in Philadelphia.

Currently, she works as a Managing Editor of Everyday Feminism, the largest independent feminist media site in the world with an audience of millions. The organization is dedicated to helping people break down and stand up to oppression through the application of intersectional feminism in their everyday lives.

Melissa has also utilized her social media and blogging skills in various other activism and advocacy pursuits, including extensive work with The National Eating Disorders Association, The Representation Project, Adios Barbie, and Laci Green.

She is a doctoral candidate at Widener University, working toward a PhD in Human Sexuality Studies. Her research focus is on women with anorexia nervosa and the bodied phenomenon of skin hunger. Her M.Ed. is also in Human Sexuality from Widener; at that time, she focused her research on media literacy and adolescent female psychosexual development. She also holds a B.S. in English Education from Boston University.

Melissa is a licensed educator with over a decade of experience working with diverse populations, including extensive training in domestic violence and sexual assault prevention education. As such, her presentations – which have been given at various universities, organizations, and conferences – are created around participant-centered learning objectives in mind. Her audiences walk away from her talks not only with knowledge, but with tangible skill sets (and a laugh or two). To book her for an event, click here.

You can find her in various corners of the Internet, usually trying to cause trouble, or taking a break from the revolution to cuddle with her two cats.


Download: Curriculum Vitae / Media Kit