It feels so good to put time and energy and effort into my work –
and to have her expertise and support along the way is absolutely invaluable.

Working with Melissa has allowed me to go from the realm of possibility and big dreams to an actual, tangible plan and foundation for getting my work off the ground.
Definitely the most fun marketing exercises I’ve ever done. I was genuinely at a bar last night, yelling to my friends about color palettes, I’m that excited.

I have someone in my corner – and she’s the shit.

I can’t think of anything that speaks more to the future success of my work than the fact that I had Melissa’s help at the start.
Melissa has helped me tease out my fundamental brand and product – and I never would have even begun without her.

I feel VERY empowered working with her!

Working with Melissa has been the best decision I’ve made for my freelance career.
She is smart, thoughtful, and fully committed to her clients and their success.

Her enthusiasm, warmth, and understanding is so appreciated.

With her expertise and mentorship, she helped me to crystalize my vision into a vehicle for change, all while emphasizing my voice and what made my project unique.
The conversations we had and lessons I learned will serve me beyond this project and throughout my life as a creative.

What Melissa did was bring our team even closer together.

Working with Melissa was a transformational experience.
I would trust my dreams to no one else.

I can say with complete confidence that there is no one in the world who could have done what Melissa did for me in our six months of working together.

I went from someone with a vague idea for a project to having my dream job title in half a year. While that is thanks in large part to Melissa’s formidable skill set, it’s also thanks to who she is as a person.
Launching a dream project is exhilarating and terrifying: you want someone in your corner who will hear you, who will support you, and who will make you laugh when you are having a complete meltdown—that’s Melissa.