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Melissa turned me into the activist entrepreneur I always dreamed of.
If I could hire her as a consultant for the literal rest of my life, I would. Working with Melissa is easily one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
Melissa helped me take one of the scariest times in my life and turned it into an opportunity to bring about change and find my voice.


You have an exciting and unique idea for a blog, but no idea how to get it off the ground.

You want to be an online writer, but don't know the first thing about pitching editors.

You’re an academic who wants to make their work more accessible, but isn’t sure where to start.

You have a cool online course or ebook to sell, but—wait a minute—what's a nurturing strategy?

You want to use social media more effectively, but can't make a graphic to save your life.

You started a new business venture, but have zero web design skills.

You're ready to launch your dream project, but you need a little support.


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MELISSA A. FABELLO, PHD is a millennial with a cause – a media-savvy professional who wants to help you use the Internet for social change.

For five years, Melissa worked as Managing Editor of Everyday Feminism, developing a unique editorial angle that skyrocketed the publication to being one of the largest digital social justice platforms in the world. With a deep understanding of audience needs and a unique perception of organizational voice, Melissa has worked on editorial and social media projects with The Representation Project, Adios Barbie, The National Eating Disorders Association, HollaBack!, and more, bringing fresh and unique content in line with their goals to whole new audiences. Her work as a writer and activist has been featured in BuzzFeed, Upworthy, The Guardian, and on MSNBC and the BBC. Now she wants to use her know-how to help others realize their potential.

Whether you're an individual looking to up your social media activism or an organization struggling with press strategy, Melissa has the knowledge and skills to help you reach your goals.







VIRGINIA is a fashion historian who believes old clothes can help us explore better relationships with our bodies.

Together, we launched a personal styling business aimed at folks who struggle with their body image.

MICHAEL is a doctor of physical therapy with a focus on lifestyle management and population health.

Together, we discussed how to market his burgeoning private practice from a social justice lens.


KRIS is an academic whose work interrogates beauty and embodiment on the axes of race and gender.

Together, we strategized writing and social media optimization to bring her work to the public.

KATE is a writer and podcaster sparking unique discussion at the intersections of gender and disability.

Together, we jumpstarted her freelance writing career and strategized the launch of her upcoming podcast.



If you give Melissa a goal, she will make it happen – on time and of high quality. Melissa brings together unflinching (and disruptive) anti-oppression analysis with compassion and understanding. You’ll never regret having her on your team.
— Sandra Kim, Everyday Feminism
Melissa just gets it. Whether she’s working with the media or our target audience, she offers a clear and powerful voice for change, persuading folks to sit up and listen.
— Marsha Hudnall, Green Mountain at Fox Fun
Melissa is my one stop shop for genius marketing strategy and confidence boosting. Her superpower is understanding what’s in my head and heart so I can create powerful content, turning me into the activist entrepreneur I always dreamt of.
— Cindy L. Wilks, Present Strength


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HOW DOES THIS WORK, EXACTLY? However you want it to work, babe! You're the boss – I'm just here to support you in achieving your wildest dreams. Do you just need a quick one-and-done phone consultation to answer a burning question that you have? Are you in need of a little bit of help copy editing the website you're putting together? Do you want me on your team for a long haul to help you launch a new program? Whatever you need, we can find a way to piece it together. During the (FREE!) inquiry and proposal process, we'll talk about all of this so that we can design exactly what you're looking for.

MY PROJECT IS REALLY SMALL – WOULD YOU STILL TAKE IT ON? Yes! I truly, deeply love working with individual clients to help them with smaller projects. If you're doing good work in the world, I want to be a part of it – and I'm open to projects of all sizes.

CAN YOU BE CONTRACTED FOR LONG-TERM PROJECTS? I sure can! All of my clients work with me on a one-, three-, or six-month basis with options for renewal.

OKAY, BUT SERIOUSLY, WHAT ARE WE TALKING, MONEY-WISE? Well, that depends on a few factors, like the monthly time commitment we envision together, the size of the undertaking, whether this is a personal or professional venture for you, and so on. I won't know the range that we're looking at until I hear about your project! But accessibility is one of my core values as an activist. Many people charge upwards of hundreds of dollars per hour for consulting services. Let's just say that I'm a steal, compared to that.

WAIT—I WANT A DISCOUNT OR REFERRAL CODE. HOW DO I GET ONE? Oh, I would looove to tell you all about my referral program, which can save you a ton of money! Once we hop on the phone to discuss the details of your project, I'll give you the lowdown. As for discounts, I offer those sometimes to folks who are dedicated to my work in a variety of ways – through sponsoring me on Patreon, subscribing to my newsletter, or following me on social media. It's a way to say thank you for the support and give back to my community.

I HAVE A QUESTION NOT ANSWERED HERE. No problem! Use the form above to send me a message about your project, and I'll answer whatever questions you have!