Entertaining. Engaging. Educational.

Melissa’s talk was not only engaging, educational, and funny, but also offered a variety of ways for the students to engage with the material.
Her presentation had something to offer everyone – and almost everyone stuck around way past the time the presentation officially ended.

Enjoyable, informative, well-taught, and well-researched.

Her teaching style is a fantastic mixture of sharp doses of reality, validating experiences, and humor.
Melissa shed light on topics I hadn’t considered prior to hearing her speak.

She wasn’t afraid to be real.

She was active in inviting the audience to participate.
She was clearly very knowledgeable about the information she presented.

Very entertaining. Very informative.

Her honesty and relatability were refreshing.
One of the most honest and inspiring people I’ve heard speak.

Fabello has an authentic speaking style and is very able to be “real” with students. She established great rapport with her audience.

Melissa’s presentation was multidimensional and flexible, and her style was completely engaging.
Our students have continued to talk about Melissa’s workshop in the weeks after she came to campus.

Fabello’s candid, “real” style made a large and intimidating auditorium seem small and intimate enough to have listeners engage with difficult subjects.

She made dense, complicated academic theory and medical terminology accessible and enjoyable.
She was flexible and entertaining with the ability to read her audience and smoothly adjust her presentation.

The students were engaged the entire time.

It wasn’t what I was expecting it to be. I learned so much, and I wish she could have spoken some more.
Students were motivated to learn even more about how they can contribute to the feminist movement.

I wish we could bring her back every year!